Thursday, December 21, 2006

Kids film camp and brief update...

Thought I'd point out an opportunity I ran across that might be interesting for parents of children who are interested in film.

Good organization, good people--could be a great chance for your kids to start learning now.

I'm finishing up the music for Midnight Clear, and we do the final sound mix in early January. The film is almost officially complete! Will continue with updates as I get them...
Fun stuff...

Published: December 1, 2006
Got some bad and good news on Midnight Clear in the last couple days. Bad news is we got rejected by Sundance. Good news is they told us that they loved the film, that it was a finalist and got as close as you can come without getting in. One of the programmers raved about the film, saying it handled the inter-weaving storyline with "uncommon subtlety and grace." Depressing and encouraging at the same time.

Also, we found out today we got accepted into the Cinequest Film Festival! That's pretty cool, as Chris Gore's Festival Guide has it listed as one of the top 15 festivals in the world, and Moviemaker Magazine said it's one of the top 20 worth the entry fee. Hopefully this will be the first of many.

Interesting article on that features my Dad and me:

Have had a few screenings of Midnight Clear lately and have decided to do a little more tweaking. Got a little more work to do on the music, and I'm probably going to cut a scene and make a few tweaks elsewhere...right now I think the film drags a bit in the first half. It's a fine line, because it's intentionally a slower-paced, subtle film, but you also want to be compelling. If a scene you've created is meant to be funny and people aren't laughing, or sad and people aren't touched, then you need to evaluate whether the scene belongs at all, even if it's "good."