Friday, May 16, 2008


We've officially made our first offer for the lead role in Mountain. We just don't want to lose any time while we're completing the financing deals. I'm going to keep names off this blog for now, but hopefully I'll be able to make an exciting announcement in the next few weeks.
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Slow but sure...
Published: May 05, 2008
We seem to be making bits and pieces of progress here and there. We're currently in discussions with a few different financial options. One big foreign sales company has verbally committed to a $1 million "minimum guarantee," which is something that they give to a bank in exchange for a loan of that amount. That would get us close to our budget, and with the money that comes from whatever state we shoot in, we'd be just about there. There are also a couple other private investment people and groups that I'm talking with, all of which have some level of serious interest. Who ever knows what's going to happen? This is my least favorite part of the whole process. We're also going to talk about casting this week--we might just go ahead and start making some offers.

I'm currently reading "The Conversations with Walter Murch," a book of interviews with the legendary editor Walter Murch. Terrific book. Up next are a couple similar books, interviews with Truffaut and Kurusawa. I'm watching "The Seven Samurai" today, "Wild Bunch" tomorrow," and I watched "The Godfather" a couple days ago. I'd seen it before, but watching it after reading some of Walter Murch's comments on it was great. I'd always encourage filmmakers to watch films before or after you read some good analysis or inside info on them. And I'm going to go out on a limb and say that The Godfather is a solid film. I know that may put me in the minority, but I'm holding strong in that belief.