Friday, April 18, 2008

Georgia on my mind....

Just got back from a trip to the South, where I first gave a few workshops at a media conference before spending a day in Georgia.

I was given a tour of Senoia, about 30 minutes south of Atlanta, which has an incredible studio called Riverwood. I came away from the visit believing that there is no question that Mountain could be shot in that area and be very authentic and high quality. I also met with a few potential investors. Who knows if anything will come out those meetings, but they were relatively encouraging. Either way, I've gotten to a place of contentment where I believe that I need to take things one day at a time and simply focus on being in God's will. Where I'll be in a few months really isn't my business (I stole that line from Phil Vischer, the Veggietales creator who I heard speak a few days ago), and I'm fine with that.

We've also been discussing casting, possibly making offers now. There's some consensus about Kevin Bacon, so he might be the first guy we approach. He's someone who has unique appeal both to American "heartland" audiences but also in the foreign market. Some actors are either/or, but Bacon goes beyond that, so he's probably going to be our first approach. I'll let you know what happens.