Monday, June 16, 2008

More Casting...

Still playing the casting game, trying to find the right actor who's not only available (which isn't easy to find) but interested in a non-studio picture. There are a few names that I think are really interesting, but I really don't want to talk about them here. So what I'm left with is yet another boring, unproductive blog, and you're left with reading it and thinking, "Is this how movies go, or is this guy a moron?"

The script is getting good responses from the agencies, so hopefully something will break through soon.

Continued casting
Published: June 5, 2008
I wish I had exciting things to report, but there really isn't much. We're continuing to pursue a lead actor for the film. Our next offer is going to the actor I actually think would be one of the best people in Hollywood for the part, so I really hope he at least reads the script.

I just finished reading "The Conversations with Walter Murch," which was great and insightful. He's not only a genius editor and has great things to say about the directors he's worked with, but he's got good insights on storytelling, pacing, etc.. I'm now reading "The Man Who Heard Voices," the book about M. Night Shyamalyan's making of "Lady in the Water." It's important not to just read "how to" books, but "behind the scenes" books as well, because they give important looks into the mechanics and personality of Hollywood. Dealing with people and understanding how a set operates is just as important as learning the craft.

In the last couple weeks I've seen The Wild Bunch (pretty ground-breaking for its time), Shampoo (didn't actually enjoy it all that much, as I found it meandering and ultimately empty, which was the point, but it didn't work for me), and Harold and Maude (very funny, and I wish I would have watched it before I made Midnight Clear, but it also didn't reach me emotionally). I'm going to be watching Bound for Glory next; I'm on a Hal Ashby kick, as his style seems very close to mine.