Thursday, December 20, 2007

Tampa Screening

Just got back from Tampa Bay, Florida, where Midnight Clear was screened for over 700 people as part of a fundraiser for the Tampa Crisis Center. It was a pretty remarkable event, and the film seemed to resonate with people. When I made the film, I didn't think of it as the kind of thing that could be connected to "causes," but it's been a nice bonus. The president of the crisis center absolutely raved about the film.

Regardless of anything else, and as cheesy as this sounds, this is why you make films. Whether they're strictly entertainment or have a message, you make films to arouse some sort of emotional or passionate response in people. One of the women from the crisis center came up to me after the screening and couldn't talk because of her tears. What's better than that as a response to the film you spent so much time on?

So if there's a piece of advice in all this, it's this--when you're writing or directing your film, think about the potential audience response while you're shaping the story or scene. Think to yourself, "What is it about this film that will affect that one person sitting in the 10th row, hoping the film will move them in some way?"
Published: December 6, 2007
This review represents EXACTLY what I'm trying to do in this business. I'm not sure I can put it any better: