Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Job Opening at Pureflix Entertainment

Email me at dallas@jenkins-entertainment.com if you're interested...

Pure Flix Entertainment Job Description:

Pure Flix produces 6 feature films per year. All the Features are faith based and have a strong Christian World View need someone who has background in this area who can edit and deliver the material to a Christian audience. Below is the Job Description.

Editing and Graphics:

Prepping material for editors
Sound syncing
Online of final edit
Color Correction
Repurpose Trailers
Create alternate versions of movies and trailers
DVD authoring
Conversion to multiple formats
Laying off masters
DVD burning
Editing (a variety of promo material, movies, and trailers)

Graphic Design:

Creation of Sales Sheets
Design of email blasts
basic promotional material

Needs to have experience in the following programs:

Final Cut Studio (including final cut, compressor, DVD studio pro, color)
After Effects
Web Software

This person must have strong technical background in a post production environment and know Mac computers extensively. We are looking for someone who can handle a variety of programs and also has a strong sense of design. This is a full time position in Torrance, CA and the salary range will be from $30K-$36K per year depending on experience. Currently, we are not offering benefits other then the salary.

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